I'm Peter Bowden. Specializing in ministry, media and congregational life, I help Unitarian Universalists and other community leaders increase their reach, impact, and membership. 

Who Am I?

I'm Peter Bowden, a trainer and coach working with congregations and nonprofits.  

For the 20 years leading up to the pandemic, I worked as at trainer within my home denomination (Unitarian Universalist) and as television producer for nationally syndicated PBS Kids shows.        

After the pandemic hit, I retired from my broadcast television work to focus 100% on helping leaders adapt to digital life.

Today I help people develop the skills and strategies they need to thrive in our increasingly digital and video-dominated world.

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"Peter's training has been a lifeline for me as a minister entering these on-line ministry waters! Thanks to the wisdom that Peter shares - in a very accessible way I might add - I have shifted how we engage with our congregation on a weekly basis and they LOVE it! From concrete skill development to inspiration, video ministry academy helped me feel confident to expand my ministry in ways I had barely considered before. Thanks Peter!" "

Rev. Deborah Bennett
Emerson UU Congregation, Marietta, GA

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"I initially reached out to Peter for help with honing my digital strategy, but I quickly realized his value as a thought partner for many of my professional goals for engineering outreach. With his help, I've been able to significantly improve engagement with my audience online, take advantage of more opportunities, and feel less overwhelmed along the way. And it's been really fun!"

Nate Ball
Author, Inventor, and Host of Design Squad on PBS Kids

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