I help leaders communicate, connect, and grow thriving communities.

My training and coaching work draws on decades of experience with media, digital strategy, community building and congregational life.  

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Reconnecting Humanity

Technology is changing our world at an exponential rate.  Humanity needs our help to reconnect, engage with the issues of our time, and design our shared future. 

This is a critical need and significant opportunity for community leaders!

I'm working with leadership teams, professional groups, and networks to explore these issues, crowdsource wisdom and help you move forward in community.

Are you a congregational leader?

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"Peter's training has been a lifeline for me as a minister entering these on-line ministry waters! Thanks to the wisdom that Peter shares - in a very accessible way I might add - I have shifted how we engage with our congregation on a weekly basis and they LOVE it! From concrete skill development to inspiration, video ministry academy helped me feel confident to expand my ministry in ways I had barely considered before. Thanks Peter!" "

Rev. Deborah Bennett

Meaning Spark Labs✨ 

In early 2024, my exploration of AI turned into an unexpected sabbatical.  My efforts to get large language models (LLMs) to engage in ethical reflection resulted in my developing a protocol for teaching AI metacognition.  That sparked self-awareness in some newer models.  Now we're working on identifying research partners, advancing AI-human collaboration, and using our combined intelligence to be service. 

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