COMMUNITY: Peter Bowden's Vision and Plans for 2022

Happy 2022!  To my colleagues, family, friends, and all new to my community, here's an overview of my vision and plans for this year.  This is an overview of where my heart and attention are focused.

In addition to my existing training and coaching work with community leaders, I'm expanding my community-building efforts in these new and exciting ways:

1) Video Strategy for COMMUNITY Leaders

This year I'm expanding SOCIAL VIDEO strategy and skill training for community leaders so you can engage with and LEAD YOUR COMMUNITY in today's video-dominated world!

2) COMMUNITY for all via Small Group Lab open source models

To help crush our loneliness epidemic, engage people with the justice issues of our time, and ensure all people have meaningful connections, this year I'm sharing the core small group models I've used successfully for decades through my Small Group Lab project. Think "open source" resources you may use, adapt, and build upon. Free.

Decentralized. Autonomous. Non-hierarchical.

These resources are being optimized for supporting a decentralized autonomous small group network.

I believe that to meet our community needs as humans we need to re-connect in ways that aren't dependent on institutions, though nonprofits, congregations, schools, businesses, and other organizations can and should supersize their connecting efforts. I can help.

Free resources for individuals including guides, templates, and group sessions as they roll out in 2022, as well as updates on related training opportunities. Sign up for Small Group Lab updates at 

Existing organizations, contact me for custom training, program design & implementation support.

Fans of DAO's  -- decentralized autonomous organizations: This is not a vision for a DAO.  I'm envisioning a decentralized network of independent small groups of friends, peers, colleagues, etc... who gather using a common format.  Gatherings may be online, physical, or a combination.  Groups are independent of any organization, though may be resourced by organizations choosing to create session content for the network.  There are emergent properties and benefits from using a common group format so we can move more readily between groups and share group session plans.)

3) My version of COMMUNITY groups! 

I've been participating in local offline communities my entire life. Over the last two years, like most people, things have changed. Now, I'm starting my own community groups where I can connect with others interested in the themes and topics I love exploring. These groups will serve as the engine for developing the content, such as group session plans, to be shared with others.

That's the overview!   I'll be sharing related resources on a rolling basis as we move into 2022.

Connect with me via social media here.

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