Budget Deficits? Communication Tips for Congregations

congregations May 04, 2023

I know things are challenging but I want you to pause and ask yourself an important questions.  Are you vision-casting or manifesting a congregational death spiral? If you have a budget problen, gloom and doom talk is going to make it worse!  Here's a live stream on this topic followed by a shorter 5 minute version.


Full 28 minute live stream:


Listen via my podcast.

I’ve been reviewing congregational fundraising communications. Many communicators are so caught up in their challenges, the congregation’s vision has been lost. In this session, how gloom and doom communication can undermine your fundraising capacity especially with newcomers and how you might approach it instead.

The last few years have left most congregations with fewer members than before the pandemic. This is driving widespread budget deficits.

As leaders and communicators you get to choose how you frame the challenges you are facing. You can frame pandemic re-building challenges with a gloom and doom "gap" approach or a rocket "relaunching" vision, growth, and innovative approach. Which do you think is going to energize newcomers and your donors?


Again, the same goal. Same budget challenge. Two ways to frame and tackle it = 💀 🚀

🤩 You can change how you communicate and, in turn, how people respond with your very next email, video, sermon, or donor meeting.

We also have amazing digital tools that can help you reach new people in your community in record time! We have incredible digital tools. I'm teaching new and updated digital ministry approaches online and via team strategy sessions all the time. If you are not using these tools and strategies, time to upgrade your approach!


5 Tips for Congregations Facing Budget Deficits (in 5 minutes)
After discussing this topic in a live stream I was asked to make a five minute version to share with leaders. Here it is!


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