Making Innovation a Community Practice

community congregations Apr 05, 2022
With the rate of change in our world accelerating, we need a new approach to changing our approach!   I believe we need to "institutionalize innovation" and make experimentation, exploration, and play a community practice.
Many leaders have a process whereby they SET their approach, model, process, methods, etc... and use it until it stops working in a major way. 
Then, after frustration and associated debate, there is a focused process launched to assess the problem and "fix" it.  That might include bringing in an expensive outside expert and perhaps a major redesign of communications or staffing.  Then, once the new way is established and everything seems to be in working order, that way gets locked down.  
This no longer works.   Things are changing too quickly. 
Instead, we need to develop a mindset and process that is more like surfing on the edge of constant change. 
Given the rate of change in our world -- from technology, climate change, and other disruptions -- the only way to achieve a stable viable approach is to establish an ongoing practice that allows for ongoing learning, experimentation, and innovation.  
Thanks to the pandemic, we've all had to deal with models that no longer work.  When our previous models aren't working, things get tense, it gets personal, and it becomes very hard to communicate, collaborate, and innovate!   
I believe leaders of congregations and other community organizations need to proactively communicate the need for experimentation, enlist their community in the process, and make it a fun, engaging, and collaborative experience.  
If we don't learn to surf on the waves of change, we are almost certain to get crushed by them!    
In this session, I share why congregations, membership-based nonprofits, and other community organizations need to make innovation a community practice.
If you need help implementing the ideas in this video, fill out the form on my contact page. We can schedule a time to discuss facilitated sessions with your team, board, or larger events.  


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