Wrapping Up the Podcast

We launched the Climate Workshop Podcast a year ago to experiment with bringing our climate conversations online. It has been a great experience, but we have decided to focus our time and energy on other climate efforts. We are officially putting this project on hold, though you never know what will happen in the future! Thank you for being part of our podcast community. We are grateful to our guests and to Bryan Cahall for his music. If you want to connect with our present work and climate efforts, visit our websites and social media channels listed below. Tim & Peter Tim DeChristopher http://timdechristopher.org http://twitter.com/dechristopher Get Tim's email updates http://www.timdechristopher.org/join Peter Bowden http://peterbowden.net http://facebook.com/peterbowdenlive http://instagram.com/peterbowdenlive http://twitter.com/peterbowdenlive Get Peter's climate updates https://peterbowden.mykajabi.com/p/climate-project-updates

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