Deep Reflection, Bold Action. Small Groups with Marla Marcum

Tim and Peter talk small groups with Marla Marcum of the Climate Disobedience Center. The Climate Disobedience Center exists to support a growing community of climate dissidents who take the risk of action, grounded in love, commensurate with the scale and urgency of the crisis. Part of their original mission was to build a culture of dissent and disobedience. To advance that culture building mission, this year they are building small community groups called “Praxis Groups” to help activists support each other in their personal development and their actions. Learn more about the Climate Disobedience Center led by Tim DeChristopher (of this podcast), Marla Marcum, and Jay O’Hara, at The signup page for the Praxis Groups discussed in this episode may be found at On Twitter? Follow the Climate Disobedience Center team The Small Group Lab Small group organizing, training, and community building is a what co-host Peter Bowden does when he’s not talking climate. Learn more at Connect with the show online Music by Bryan Cahall Support the show, become a Patron Appreciate these conversations? Become a patron of the Climate Workshop Podcast. Patrons make this podcast possible long-term and get access to our patron only stream.

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