Climate change, economic inequality, toxic masculinity, and more with Rev. Mariama White-Hammond

Tim DeChristopher talks with Rev. Mariama White-Hammond, the Minister for Ecological Justice at Bethel AME Church in Boston, MA. Rev. Mariama shares her deep ecological view of climate and social justice. She talks about her role as a black minister challenging the predominantly white climate movement to recognize that the problem is much bigger than parts per million. This episode connects the dots between climate change and economic inequality, toxic masculinity, mass incarceration, and more. Not only has Rev. Mariama done groundbreaking work on community climate resilience, she also won her fantasy football league last year! Follow Rev. Mariama White-Hammond on Twitter Become a Patron Appreciate these conversations? Become a patron of the Climate Workshop Podcast. Patrons make this podcast possible long-term and get access to our patron only stream. Connect with us online Music by Bryan Cahall

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