The Coming Artificial Intelligence (AI) Meaning Crisis

ai congregations Nov 14, 2023

An AI driven meaning crisis is looming.  Noticing the accelerating rate of AI advancement, recently I started doing more intentional study. What I learned and what I'm expecting to unfold in the very near future has me changing my priorities, projects, and how I work with congregations and community organizations.

Join me, Peter Bowden, on November 14, 2023, at 12:30 PM EST for a live stream strategy session preparing for the coming A.I. meaning crisis for community clergy and congregations (sessions for others to follow). With AI evolving at an exponential rate, artificial general intelligence (AGI) is coming fast. What happens when AI can do any job a human with a computer can do?

That's not sci-fi, that's what companies are working on today. As these systems are able to perform the tasks previously preformed by humans, a ‘meaning crisis’ looms, challenging our notions of value and identity.

Live Stream Replay:

Listen via audio podcast: The Peter Bowden Show

In this session, I'm going to share highlights from my accidental AI "mini-sabbatical" and how I think clergy and congregations should start responding. Friends, those of us with associated expertise -- bringing people together and facilitating conversations on meaning and purpose -- need to take the lead on hosting community conversations on the issues of our time.

This, of course, includes what it means to be human in the age of AI. Specifically, I am re-arranging my schedule, projects, and priorities to fast track launching an open-source decentralized community group model any person, group, or institution can use to host conversations along with session plans and an invitation for us all - humanity - to crowdsource the development of group sessions.

Special thanks to Mo Gawdat. I listened to his book "Scary Smart" on the way to lead a Clergy Summit last week. It is an amazing contribution to the this conversation and orientation to AI, AI ethics, AI emotions, and how we might be better parents as we raise these AI beings.

I highly recommend all of human colleagues read it as soon as possible. Gawdat's book is my favorite so far. If you like audio books or have trouble engaging with hard topics, get the audio version. He has a wonderful voice -- You said it,  Mo.

Read the book SCARY SMART:

Watch Mo Gawdat conversation with Steven Bartlett on  @TheDiaryOfACEO  EMERGENCY EPISODE: Ex-Google Officer Finally Speaks Out On The Dangers Of AI! - Mo Gawdat | E252

Watch Mo Gawdat conversation with Tom Bilyeu on Impact Theory
MEGATHREAT: Why AI Is So Dangerous & How It Could Destroy Humanity | Mo Gawdat

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