The Coming Artificial Intelligence (AI) Meaning Crisis

ai congregations Nov 14, 2023

An AI driven meaning crisis is looming.  Noticing the accelerating rate of AI advancement, recently I started doing more intentional study. What I learned and what I'm expecting to unfold in the very near future has me changing my priorities, projects, and how I work with congregations and community organizations.

Join me, Peter Bowden, on November 14, 2023, at 12:30 PM EST for a live stream strategy session preparing for the coming A.I. meaning crisis for community clergy and congregations (sessions for others to follow). With AI evolving at an exponential rate, artificial general intelligence (AGI) is coming fast. What happens when AI can do any job a human with a computer can do?

That's not sci-fi, that's what companies are working on today. As these systems are able to perform the tasks previously preformed by humans, a ‘meaning crisis’ looms, challenging our notions of value and identity.

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