No visitors? A BIG mistake many small congregations make

congregations Dec 02, 2022

Does your congregation have very few or no visitors?  Talking with leadership teams in small congregations, I'm finding some are waiting for visitors to come BEFORE they establish or re-start their process for welcoming and connecting with visitors and COMMUNICATING what that visitor experience will be like. 

In this episode, I explain why we can't wait for the visitors to show up before we map out how we are going to welcome, greet, and connect with them AND to communicate "the plan" to potential visitors.

For many, to feel comfortable visiting, they need to know what to expect. 

What's it going to be like?  Where do I go?  How do I connect with people when I visit so I don't have to suffer through an awkward and painful experience?  Is it going to be okay?  Can I do this or should I just stay on the couch watching Netflix?  I have a lot of shows waiting for me... What's the plan?  

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If you do not have many visitors and want more, I recommend the following:

1) Agree on a simple process
Set a clear process for how you will welcome, greet, and CONNECT with visitors when they show up.  This includes creating a facilitated space to connect when they visit.   I discuss options for making casual opportunities to connect after your weekly services in this episode.  

2) List the process on your website
When visitors land on your visitor page, they should be able to read about the process and RSVP to participate.

3) Share via social media
Every week, when you share what's happening in your congregation via social media, also include this visitor opportunity with a link to your visitor page with RSVP form.  

4) Share via email 
Every week, when you share what's happening in your congregation via email, also include this visitor opportunity with a link to your visitor page with RSVP form.

Video Helps!  Adding a video that welcomes and orients newcomers to your visitor page including a description of "the plan" for visiting can help them feel comfortable making the decision to do so.  I explain how to implement this strategy and as well as other video content for visitors in my online training program Video Message Academy for Congregations. 


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