Congregations versus the Algorithm!

congregations podcast Oct 27, 2022


Social media platforms are changing how they determine what people see online!

Driven by TikTok's success, they are shifting from a "social graph" to an "interest graph."

What's that mean?

Instead of showing people content based on what they SELECTED they want to see -- like, follow, subscribe -- they are showing them MORE of what they are actively watching and engaging with!

These companies know what your members, friends, and potential newcomers are watching on their apps and websites. They have the data.

To get people to spend more time on their platforms and see more ads, social media algorithms are being re-designed to show people more of what is capturing and holding their attention.

If we aren't careful, this has the potential to SQUEEZE CONGREGATIONS OUT!

Where does that leave your congregation? 

In this episode, I explain the shift, what it means for you, and three communication priorities. 

Watch, listen, and read some key takeaway points below.

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These changes offer some HUGE opportunities for those interested in harnessing the power of the algorithms. It is actually getting easier to reach more people and grow an audience. Watch this segment.

Here are my top three communication priorities for congregations:

Priority #1: Email
But not just weekly long newsletters. We need to be writing emails crafted to be from your minister or other leaders to fellow human beings in a personal and relational way.
Watch this segment

Priority #2: Website Hub
We need to make websites our primary hub for information, getting involved, and connecting online.
Watch this segment

Priority #3: Video with a twist
Video is a powerful way to bring your leaders online, to connect, engage and inspire participation in congregational life. We need to be doing more with video, but I think it is prudent to be focusing more on publishing via YouTube. Then we can easily add videos to websites and include links in emails. So, video that we can deliver via our first two communication priorities.
Watch this segment

Ultimately, we need to prioritize and cultivate communication channels we control and can use to consistently engage with members, friends, and newcomers.   

Many social media platforms are evolving in ways that makes them less reliable for these purposes.

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