The Perfection Trap! Live versus Pre-Recorded Content

Wednesday Hot Topics 🔥 Ministry Strategy Session

Some strategic thoughts for congregations on pre-recorded worship and other video content versus live content. 

Pre-recording worship gives you amazing control.  This can be seductive and pull you into a "perfection" trap.   Be mindful of prioritizing high-quality content (important) over a worship and ministry design that promotes interaction, relationship, conversation (critical in my opinion).

We need to be striving to build relationships and a connection to your local congregation and local community.

If the priority is on high quality "content" over relationship, you're going to be competing with the top spiritual and faith-based influencers online. Your worship design and use of technology should advance your ministry objectives.

About this week's sessions
This week, February 8 through February 12, I'm going live daily to discuss digital ministry, hybrid church models, and other HOT TOPICS based on your interest.



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