Summer Training Update!

Friends,  here's a quick update on what's coming this Summer

This is just a preview.  Training topics include digital ministry, social media, small groups, and membership development.  That and lots of time to talk strategy and issues related to re-gathering and re-launching this Fall. 

I'll share the full details, dates, and open registration after  July 4th.

I know some of you are taking a break, others are leading Summer services and programming, and others working hard on preparing for the Fall.  My goal is to be there to support you whenever you are ready! 


PS -- Watch to the end for my sea monster impression.

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UU Digital Ministry - New Plan, New Program!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Based on your survey feedback and resulting conversations, I'm launching a 100% redesigned Unitarian Universalist Digital Ministry program.

Here are some features of the new program:

• Open to all UU congregations
• Offers ongoing digital ministry strategy, skill training, and support
• For teams: volunteers, staff, and religious professionals
• On-demand content
• Live strategy sessions via Zoom
• Additional live stream Q&A sessions in response to your questions
• Monthly subscription affordable for congregations of all sizes and budgets

Do you like the idea of our doing Unitarian Universalist DIGITAL MINISTRY together? I can't wait! I'll be sharing much more shortly.

This is just a quick "I listened! Change of direction..." update.

What about the other program?  I'm following up with those who expressed interest in that program.

Thanks to all who completed the survey. I greatly appreciate your sharing your...

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Digital Ministry Accelerator Program - Overview and Feedback Requested

Update: Based on your feedback I'm 100% redesigning my training programs!  Make sure you sign up to get training updates. Details are coming out the week of June 23, 2021.


Friends, here's an overview of my new Digital Ministry Accelerator program, DMAX for short.  It is a 12-week program for Unitarian Universalist parish ministers (this round) and their congregations.  Interested ministers, I'd love your feedback! 

Please complete this brief program survey: SURVEY COMPLETED

Your responses will help me finalize the program design and the day and time we'll hold our weekly strategy sessions.    Thank you!



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Pandemic Ministry: Leadership, Clarity, and Uncertainty

As we enter year two of the pandemic, uncertainty is a core aspect of our ministry context.  How can we lead when so much is unknown? 

Leaders and their congregations must have great clarity of mission and the vision they want to work toward.  To work toward a clear mission-driven vision,  facing the unknown as a community together is the path. 

We can't have productive conversations about models, approaches, and staffing if we don't have clarity on our mission in 2021 and a powerful vision specific to our present ministry context.

YouTube video chapters
(0:00) Welcome
(3:19) Covid19 Year One. 
(7:28) Covid19 Year Two?
(9:16) Leadership, Clarity, and Uncertainty

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Hybrid Church Strategy Session

Friday Hot Topics Ministry Strategy Session
Many congregations are starting to look at hybrid ministry approaches seeking to integrate gathering online and offline. In this session, I share some considerations based on my MOST RECENT conversations with congregational leaders. This is an ongoing conversation.

About this week's sessions
This week, February 8 through February 12, I'm going live daily to discuss digital ministry, hybrid church models, and other HOT TOPICS based on your interest.

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The Perfection Trap! Live versus Pre-Recorded Content

Wednesday Hot Topics Ministry Strategy Session

Some strategic thoughts for congregations on pre-recorded worship and other video content versus live content. 

Pre-recording worship gives you amazing control.  This can be seductive and pull you into a "perfection" trap.   Be mindful of prioritizing high-quality content (important) over a worship and ministry design that promotes interaction, relationship, conversation (critical in my opinion).

We need to be striving to build relationships and a connection to your local congregation and local community.

If the priority is on high quality "content" over relationship, you're going to be competing with the top spiritual and faith-based influencers online. Your worship design and use of technology should advance your ministry objectives.

About this week's sessions
This week, February 8 through February 12, I'm going live daily to discuss digital ministry, hybrid church models, and other HOT TOPICS based on your...

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Tips for Online Membership Development

Tuesday Hot Topics Ministry Strategy Session
In this session, issues related to congregations and online membership development!  I discuss things I'm seeing congregations do that can inhibit membership development and share some alternate approaches.   

About this week's sessions
This week, February 8 through February 12, I'm going live daily to discuss digital ministry, hybrid church models, and other HOT TOPICS based on your interest.

Note that I removed the intro of this session because of an audio glitch. Thanks to everyone who helped me troubleshoot.

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Congregations "GOING BACK TO NORMAL"

Monday Hot Topics Ministry Strategy Session
This strategy session focused on the theme of congregations "Going back to normal."   When COVID19 is under control,  we will not be able to roll back the changes in human behavior, preferences, and new norms established over the last year.    Digital trends and shifts in church attendance that were progressing pre-covid have been fast tracked.  

About this week's sessions
This week, February 8 through February 12, I'm going live daily to discuss digital ministry, hybrid church models, and other HOT TOPICS based on your interest.

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Digital Church Not Working? Seven strategies to help your ministry online!

Online church isn't working? Attendance down? People Zoomed out? Here are some thoughts on how to respond. This video is in response to an email I received this week from a minister I know. A minister who is doing GREAT work online. What would I do? These are some guiding principles and targets to aim for.

 1. Vision casting = your magnetic field
Vision casting creates the energetic (magnetic) field that gathers and holds a congregation together. This requires an intentional effort to share your congregation’s purpose, mission, and vision through your online communication and STORYTELLING.
2. Get to "We" ASAP!
Collaborative, Non-hierarchical. Many leaders are falling into an "us versus them" — I’m creating content for them — approach. You need to get to “We” as fast as you can. You can still have roles and responsibilities, still have bylaws, etc… but your leadership needs to be collaborative and create a sense that...
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Facing discrepancies between our IDEAL ministry and DIGITAL ministry

To have healthy conversations about ministry models and innovation, leadership teams need to be honest about the discrepancies between what they "signed up for" and what's required in this moment.  Start there to avoid conflict forcing you to go there. 

Question: Hi Peter! In the pre-social-media church world, the "membership funnel" was simple, or at least seemed simple. People entering our congregation's orbit started as visitors to Sunday worship and/or attendees of programs. The end goal, from the church's perspective, was to get those people to ... join the congregation. Is there a similar end-point in the new social media world? Is it the same endpoint?

Friends, before we can talk about specific endpoints, there are conversations that require our attention. 

We have to talk about ministry models.  And discussing new models and what's required to be of service and thrive today brings us face to face with discrepancies between what many of you "signed up...

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