New Year Brule Break-a-thon with Tara Sage

video Dec 28, 2021

Hi friends!

The New Year is upon us and I have an exciting way I'm kicking it off -- and you're invited! 

Recently a friend of mine, life coach Tara Sage, published the best-selling book The Brules of Life:15 Bullsh*t Rules to Break for a No-Vacation-Needed Life.

It's about identifying the unofficial rules that hold us back so we can intentionally break them and move forward. 

As I was reading The Brules of Life I had two thoughts:

1)  My face is smushed up against a BRULE BARRIER.  Yes, there are brules I've internalized that are holding me back. Time to name them and break them!  Not laws, mind you, but assumptions about what is allowed, who has permission to act, etc...

2) Talking BRULES with TARA would make for an amazing New Year live stream event! 

I reached out to Tara with that idea and she loved it.  So we are joining forces to host a New Year BRULE BREAK-A-THON!

UPDATE:  Here's the replay!

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