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Unitarian Universalist
Digital Ministry Academy
with Peter Bowden

Welcome!  I'm Peter Bowden, a lifelong Unitarian Universalist and trainer helping leaders and their communities adapt to digital life. 

Recognizing that you and your leaders need ongoing training and support to thrive in these times, I've launched UU Digital Ministry Academy!

Every month I'm offering new ON-DEMAND training to advance your strategy, learn new skills, and shorten the learning curve.

Month by month we're working to integrate the following aspects of ministry and congregational life:

  • Worship Design
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Video Message Strategy
  • Membership Development
  • Small Group Ministry
  • Online Event Design

In addition to new monthly on-demand content, presently we're experimenting with the following live sessions:

  1. A monthly live strategy session open to all religious professionals, staff, and volunteer leaders.
  2. A parish minister mastermind group meeting approximately twice per month for one hour.

ENROLLMENT:  Enrollment is presently closed, but will open up for January 2022.   Sign up below to be notified when registration goes live. Thanks!

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My Background

Raised a Unitarian Universalist,  I volunteered across all areas of congregational life. This includes teaching classes for children, advising our youth group for a decade, growing our young adult group, and committees upon committees! 

My success using group-based ministry with youth, young adults, and adults led me to co-found the UU Small Group Ministry Network.  This nonprofit popularized the small group models used in our congregations nationally.

My passion for helping people connect through small groups led to training congregations on growth, outreach, welcoming, hospitality,  and membership development.

All of that was PRE-SOCIAL MEDIA.  Yes, I'm dating myself.... 

In 2007, after years of considering entering seminary, I decided to study digital media instead of becoming a parish minister. 

I wanted to help Unitarian Universalists harness the power of digital media, social media, and other communication tools! 

Ever since I've been helping leaders integrate online video, social media, and digital strategy into their work and ministry.

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