October 15 - 31 Open House!

Be my guest in the UU Digital Ministry Academy October Open House.  Get free access to our program live events and on-demand content through October 31!   No charge, no payments.  Just an invitation to officially enroll your congregation at the end of the month, if you'd like.   ~ Peter 

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Unitarian Universalist
Digital Ministry Academy
with Peter Bowden



Welcome!  I'm Peter Bowden, a Unitarian Universalist ministry and media trainer, coach, and strategist.

Recognizing that you and your leaders need ongoing training and support to thrive in these times, I've launched UU Digital Ministry Academy!

From multi-platform "hybrid" worship and running amazing online events to social media strategy and building a digital path to membership...

Every month I'm offering new live events and on-demand content to advance your strategy, learn new skills, and save you time.

Your UU Digital Ministry Academy membership allows all of your congregation's staff and volunteer leaders to participate in all program LIVE EVENTS (100% online) with me, Peter Bowden, and access our growing ON-DEMAND training library! 

Live Events

Through this program every month I'm offering a combination of the following types of online events:

  • Trainings:  I present established best practices, strategies, tips, tricks, research, and recommendations.  These include time for Q&A and discussion.
  • Strategy Sessions: I facilitate a process where you can work on your plans and we can discuss issues as a community.  
  • Implementation Events
    Program members gather to work on a specific task, system, or project.  Focus on getting things done!
  • Mastermind Group for Parish Ministers
    Ongoing opportunities for parish ministers in our program to gather together with me to talk strategy, problem-solve, brainstorm, and more! 

On-Demand Training

All of my program training presentations and recaps of private sessions are available ON-DEMAND in our new UU Digital Ministry Academy member area!

Our member area will also have any associated notes, handouts, and resources from trainings.

  • Watch on-demand individually
  • Watch training content with a team via screen share
  • Watch training content on-site where able using projector

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ While your congregation is an active member of this program you have my permission to use any and all of the on-demand content and associated handouts to train, equip, and support the leaders of your congregation.   

Give your staff and volunteer leaders the training and support they need to help your congregation thrive!

Enrollment Options

I've designed this program to be affordable for congregations of all sizes.  If your congregation needs financial support to participate, contact me. Some financial assistance is available.

There are two enrollment options -- a recurring monthly membership (subscription) and an annual membership for this church year (single payment).

Monthly Membership

$47 / Month

Recurring Payment

All-access pass for your entire congregation to participate in UU Digital Ministry Academy live events and access our growing program on-demand training library.  

Automatic recurring monthly payment. Cancel at any time.

Enroll: Monthly Membership

Annual Membership


Single Payment

All-access pass for your entire congregation to participate in UU Digital Ministry Academy live events and access our growing program on-demand training library.  

Single payment for the 2021- 2022 church year.  Grants program access through July 2022.  

Enroll: Annual Membership 2021-2022 Church Year

Get started with a 2-hour
strategy deep-dive!

Our next LIVE Unitarian Universalist Social Media & Digital Ministry Foundations training for program members will be mid-October.

Date will be posted shortly.  But don't worry about dates, you can access this training the instant you join on-demand!  

This event is designed to take leaders from wherever they are in terms of understanding social media and digital culture to a deep understanding of how our congregations need to engage in today's digital world.  NO tech skills are required.

Social media and digital culture have changed how people explore, connect, and engaged with congregations.  Understanding these changes and how to adapt our ministry strategy accordingly is essential as we work to regather our congregations this Fall.  During our time together we'll cover key concepts, strategies, and frameworks to help your congregation thrive in today's increasingly digitally oriented world.   This includes how we can engage existing members, friends, and visitors  in the life of your congregation.

On-Demand Training Library!

Here's what's in our training library so far, ready for you and your team as soon as you enroll!  

This program launched in August so we're just getting started.
New training content will be added on rolling basis.

  • UU Social Media & Digital Ministry Foundations
    Running Time: 75 minutes
    How has social media changed how people connect with congregations? How do we communicate effectively in today's complex digital landscape? As we work to regather, how can we connect with visitors, friends, and members online to promote participation?  We cover this and much more!
    This is an on-demand replay of our mid-August training. This will be offered live on Sept. 22 at 7pm EST.

  • Video Ministry Strategy Quickstart!
    Running Time: 20 Minute Strategy Briefing
    This is a quick introduction to what I call "video ministry strategy" -- social media and online video to support your congregation. Over the coming weeks, I'll be adding to a video strategy section offering specific examples, tips, showing real live examples, and more!  

  • Building A Digital Path to Membership
    Running Time: 30 Minute Strategy Briefing
    For most people today, no matter what sparks their interest, they use the internet to research, explore and determine if your congregation is right for them! To help them successfully connect, research, explore, and move into relationship with your congregation, we need to support this digital path. We'll be working on actively building and supporting a digital path to membership as we move forward!


  • Designing Communication to Connect, Engage and Inspire Participation
    Running Time: 45 Minutes
    With the pandemic accelerating digital trends, understanding how to communicate effectively in a complex digital landscape is critical for religious professionals, staff and volunteers.  Learn specific strategies for designing communications that connect with your audience, promote engagement,
    and inspire participation in congregational life!

  • Plus a new section of QUICK TIPS with recaps and takeaway ideas from Zoom group sessions that are not recorded.discussions. 


My Background

If you're a Unitarian Universalist leader and aren't familiar with my work, there's something you should know about me. 

I've been preparing for this church year for years!

Raised a Unitarian Universalist,  I volunteered across all areas of congregational life. This includes teaching classes for children, advising our youth group for a decade, growing our young adult group, and committees upon committees! 

My success using group-based ministry with youth, young adults, and adults led me to co-found the UU Small Group Ministry Network.  This nonprofit popularized the small group models used in our congregations nationally.

My passion for helping people connect through small groups led to training congregations on growth, outreach, welcoming, hospitality,  and membership development.

All of that was PRE-SOCIAL MEDIA.  Yes, I'm dating myself.... 

In 2007, after years of considering entering seminary, I decided to study digital media instead of becoming a parish minister. 

I wanted to help Unitarian Universalists harness the power of digital media, social media, and other communication tools!  That's been the focus of my work and ministry ever since.

To this training, I bring a lifetime of congregational experience, decades of consulting and training on core aspects of congregational life, and everything associated with my being at the forefront of UU social media, video, ministry, media, and digital life.

Since media is so important today, I should note that for nearly 20 years I worked as an educator and producer on multiple nationally syndicated Emmy Award-winning children's television shows. 

Yes, there are other forms of support out there!
There are other parish consultants!
There are others with small group ministry experience!
There are others with welcoming, hospitality, and membership development experience!
There are other digital strategists!
There are other TV producers!
There are other social media trainers!
There are other Unitarian Universalists!
There are people who are great trainers and coaches!
There are others who can present in a way that is practical, helpful, clear, fun, and makes it easy to implement new strategies! 

But to get all those in one package?  That's hard to find.

That's why my support is valued by religious professionals, staff, and volunteer leaders internationally.

The Benefits of Membership

Your congregation's membership includes the following benefits:

  • New programing every month
    Each month features a combination of live trainings, facilitated strategy sessions, and implementation events with Peter Bowden. 

    This fresh mix of events will vary month to month adapting to the needs of program members.   

  • Live event access for all
    Your congregation's minister(s), other religious professionals, staff, and volunteer leaders may participate in all Digital Ministry Academy live events.

    How many people would you like to participate from your congregation?  5, 10, 50, 100? Done!!!

  • On-demand training library
    Full access to all on-demand program content for your congregation's leadership using a single account login. 

    Can't make a live training?  Peter will be recording his presentations.  Replays will be available to watch in the program member area.

  • Additional resources
    Get program notes, handouts, and other materials to support learning and implementation. 

    All handouts may be shared with your congregation's leadership including permission to make print copies.

  • Minister Mastermind Sessions Parish ministers may participate in ongoing mastermind sessions facilitated by Peter Bowden

    These are ongoing opportunities facilitated by Peter Bowden for participating Parish Ministers to talk vision, strategy, problem solve, spark innovation, and more.  
  • Run in-house live trainings
    Active program membership grants your congregation permission to use all program materials - handouts and recorded training videos - to lead trainings in-house for your congregation's staff and volunteers.  This includes projecting content on-site and screen share during private (not public) online meetings.

    Members may use all program content to train, equip and support leaders within their congregation!   

  • Fun, Energy, and Enthusiasm!
    Peter Bowden is known internationally for his energy, enthusiasm, and bringing a joyful spirit to his work with congregations.    

    Who doesn't need more fun, energy, and enthusiasm right now?   Even if you're feeling drained, Peter's going to bring it!!!

  • Benefit from years of experience
    Benefit from Peter's decades of Unitarian Universalist ministry & media experience including being a pioneer at the forefront of video, social media.

    Save time, energy and avoid countless hours of wasted effort and frustration -- YES!!!

Join with Confidence!

I want you to enroll 100% confident with your decision, so here's my guarantee.

If you join this program MONTHLY and aren't happy for any reason, cancel at any time via your PayPal account.  If you want your last month refunded, I'm happy to do that.  Just email me.

If you enroll for the year,  if you aren't getting amazing value from the program or are too busy to participate,  email me and I'll issue a refund.

I don't want your money unless I'm delivering amazing value.

There you have it!   No risk.

β€οΈβš‘πŸŒˆπŸ’‘πŸ˜Ž πŸš€

Monthly Membership

$47 / Month

Recurring Payment

All-access pass for your entire congregation to participate in UU Digital Ministry Academy live events and access our growing program on-demand training library.  

Automatic recurring monthly payment. Cancel at any time.

Enroll: Monthly Membership

Annual Membership


Single Payment

All-access pass for your entire congregation to participate in UU Digital Ministry Academy live events and access our growing program on-demand training library.  

Single payment for the 2021- 2022 church year.  Grants program access through July 2022.  

Enroll: Annual Membership 2021-2022 Church Year

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