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Welcome Unitarian Universalist friends, family, and colleagues!  This page offers links to my work, projects, and resources for Unitarian Universalists on DIGITAL + CONGREGATIONAL LIFE.  Please sign up for email updates so I can send you free tips, strategy videos, and invitations to training events.  ❀️ Peter

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LIVE Online Strategy Sessions

I regularly go live online to answer questions from my training community. Your questions power these public strategy sessions. I have a question box on my website that you are welcome to use at any time.

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Peter Bowden on YouTube

My Peter Bowden YouTube channel is where I share public content for congregations, nonprofits, and other leaders. If you’d like to get new videos as they are released, SUBSCRIBE on Youtube and then click the bell icon.

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NEW Video Engagement Strategy Training

I have a new FREE online Video Engagement Strategy training! This 5-part series is sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Association and shares some of my top recommended strategies for congregations. These are drawn from my deeper Video Ministry Academy training and associated coaching programs.

• Go to this free training.
• This training will also be available on the UUA’s course site.
• Learn more about Video Ministry Academy — version 3.0 coming out June 2022.

Community, Innovation & Play

Many people ask if I guest preach. Not anymore.  I’ve stopped my traditional guest preaching. Instead, I am helping congregations experiment with new ways of gathering, exploring, and facilitating small group exploration online.

For example, I’m using the platform TOPIA.IO to create online experiences that replicate moving through a physical environment and support both casual and facilitated small group conversations.  

Want to discuss an alternate experience for your congregation, chapter group,  or other community?  Contact Peter.

Private Strategy Sessions

I offer one-on-one and team strategy sessions for religious professionals and leadership teams. These are generally 60-minute to 90-minute strategy sessions.

Because I am prioritizing group training programs, on-demand content, and supporting leaders through group workshops, I do have limited availability for one-on-one sessions.

I notify Unitarian Universalists via my email list as openings arise. Please subscribe to my Unitarian Universalist email list and keep an eye out for emails announcing open strategy sessions (upcoming two weeks).  Have an urgent matter?  Contact Peter.

Workshops & Seminars

I lead programs for professional chapter groups, denominational leaders, seminaries, conferences, and other gatherings. Topics generally are related to my core training areas including congregational life in a digital and video-first world, ministry and media, digital strategy, community building, small group ministry, social media, and understanding present trends.

We have a growing need for sessions on critical skills & strategies for emerging professionals and professionals not ready to retire and in crisis.

For booking, please share your event interest using the form on my contact page.

Peter's Podcast

I'm building the practice of sharing audio content through my podcast.  Follow my podcast for free and get new episodes automatically delivered to your device!  

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Get Peter Bowden's updates for
Unitarian Universalists Leaders

I'll send content to help you lead and grow congregations in today's digitally oriented and rapidly changing world. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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Below are links to my social media channels for Unitarian Universalists.  Note I'm experimenting with the CIRCLE platform - a request from UUs who don't want to support Facebook.  Look forward to connecting with you!  

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