January 12, 2021 - Update

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Video Ministry Academy

with Peter Bowden

Video Ministry Academy is an online video strategy master class and skill training with congregational consultant, Unitarian Universalist, and TV producer, Peter Bowden.

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Program Overview

Each module is approximately 1-hour in length and divided into short segments for easy reference.


Ministry Strategy for a Video First World

We look at the dominance of social media video, its impact on how people learn, consume media, and make decisions, and the implications for your ministry. An overview of the course and key strategies is included.


Video Production and Presentation

Focusing on videos you can produce using your computer webcam and smartphone, we'll cover basic video tips and on-camera presentation best practices. This module covers essentials that can be applied whether filming with a smartphone, webcam, or other video camera. 


Your Video Engagement Engine

We discuss a system (routine) for using video messages to promote engagement in congregational life, with worship serves as the primary example. This approach may be used with other aspects of congregational life and both online and physical gatherings.


Building a Digital Path to Membership

We cover strategies for using video to support an online process for newcomers to connect with and join your congregation. I call this the "digital path to membership."  Much of our previous welcome, newcomer orientation, and intro class offerings on-site now need to be available online! 


Additional Strategy and Implementation Tips

A range of planning, strategy, and implementation considerations are addressed.  This content is based on program member questions.

In addition to this module, recordings of all previous class Q&A sessions (Spring 2020, August 2020) are available.


October 2020 Cycle

For each class / cycle of this program, I offer LIVE weekly Q&A sessions.  You may submit questions for these sessions during the session or in advance via email. See schedule below.

Coaching from Peter!

Coaching Feedback on Video Excerises

Video Ministry Academy members are invited to submit video exercises (optional). I offer coaching feedback on filming technique, presentation, and content.   That's direct coaching.

Learn video skills and strategies to advance your ministry online!

Join us for immediate access to the core training modules, handouts to support implementation,  member-only Facebook group for video practice and discussion, and live Q&A  during each course cycle. 

Peter offers direct support to students via comments on program content, Facebook groups questions, feedback on shared video exercises and email.

On-Demand Video Training with Peter Bowden

Access full training on-demand through my online training site.  HD video presentation delivered with passion, humor, joy and based on years of ministry, media, and educational television production experience. 


Live Q&A Strategy Sessions

Join scheduled Video Ministry Academy LIVE Q&A sessions.  

These sessions will be conducted via ZOOM webinar.  I'm on camera, you can ask questions via text or audio.


• Wednesday, October 7 at  12:30pm EST

• Wednesday, October 14 at  12:30pm EST

• Wednesday, October 21 at  12:30pm EST

• Wednesday, October 28 at  12:30pm EST

Can't make a live session?  Submit your questions in advance to me via email then watch the recording.

There is no one time that works for everyone, so think of this as my scheduled time to record answers to support your asynchronous learning (on your own schedule). Though nice to have you join us live!


Handouts to Support Implementation

Download handouts to support your learning and implementation. Handouts are designed for easy reference.  Permission granted to share with other leaders within the same congregation.

Member-Only Facebook Group

Join our member-only Video Ministry Academy Facebook Group for video practice, coaching feedback, and strategy conversation!

Video Ministry Academy members may ask questions within the course site and our Facebook group.