Multi-Platform Worship: Crowdsourcing Wisdom & Insights

multi-platform Sep 14, 2021
It should be no surprise that MULTI-PLATFORM WORSHIP is a hot topic right now!
I'm having a wide range of conversations with clergy, staff, and volunteers related to multi-platform ministry, digital life, growth, outreach, membership development, etc... and all conversations tend to lead back to "hybrid" worship.
To help us learn, innovate, and iterate faster, I want to start holding regular Zoom sessions designed to crowdsource our wisdom and insight -- religious professionals, staff, and volunteer leaders.


These times call for collaboration and rapid innovation!  I think a monthly crowdsourcing session would be good.  Not just on multi-platform worship, but a wide range of issues.  

The first session will be on multi-platform worship. What other topics would you like to work on? 
Unitarian Universalist congregations: If you are a member of my Facebook group for UU leaders you may share your topic ideas in our group...
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On Technology, Staffing & Multi-Platform Ministry

Is your congregation considering new tech staffing?  This is for you!  Please share this with any congregation you know who is in discernment on this issue. 

Here's the question I keep getting, often when the process is far along and jobs are being threatened....


Peter, should we downsize our existing program staff and invest in a full-time tech person?

Quick Answer:  No! In my professional opinion that's a horrible idea for most congregations.  Better to invest in your existing staff & volunteers, cultivate new volunteers, see how far you can go and grow together, adding tech & media skills and associated tasks to portfolios of your staff and volunteers.  If there are tech tasks that you must have covered, start with temporary contracts to supplement your existing team.

Watch this for my long answer:


All congregations need to be working to develop their media and tech capacity. But this shouldn't be implemented as knee-jerk...

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